Day by day, with the surge in Covid-19 cases, we see the bad and ugly effects inching its way into society. Crippling lives and the economy, with heightening levels of stress, triggering depression, and the alarming plea for help from the many vulnerable communities, one can only ask, “Is there light at the end of the tunnel?” 

Amidst all the bad and ugly, there is also good to be seen out of this. On 9th July, Founder & Managing Director of BAC Education, Raja Singham and his team of staff volunteers delivered 200 packs of groceries to taxi drivers at Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang. 

As all strata of society are impacted in different ways, taxi drivers too are struggling with minimal or hardly any trips at all. As drivers drove-through, the BAC team loaded their vehicles with a bag of rice, and essentials. This gesture will hopefully ease the burden felt by drivers and their families, with little or no income during this time. 

In addition to this, 50 grocery packs were given to Big Blue Taxi/TV to be handed out to staff in need.