The FreeMakan team received a call for help from community mobiliser, Ms Ananthi. She requested for groceries to be distributed to B40 families living in PPR Pekan Batu. These families are mostly headed by single mothers, who have struggled to make ends meet during this lockdown.

These women have fought so hard to ensure their children are fed, clothed and educated. Their sacrifices have been endless, especially during the course of this pandemic, when so many of them have lost their jobs. BAC Education has always worked to help these women in their struggle for survival, focusing on easing as many burdens as possible.

Upon receiving this request from Ms Ananthi, BAC Education’s volunteers delivered 55 packs of groceries to families living in PPR Pekan Batu on July 7th.

We hope that these supplies will ensure that the families living in PPR Pekan Batu will not go hungry in the weeks to come.