Settling far away from their own land, now calling Malaysia their temporary ‘home’, are a group of individuals, who have migrated from their birth country to pursue work.

They are known as migrant workers. Also known as foreign workers, they usually do not have the intention to stay permanently in the country or region in which they work.

With enforced lockdowns throughout the nation, migrant workers have been hard hit. With loss of income, and restrictions stifling their freedom to secure odd jobs, putting food on the table has been a challenge.

However, amidst the uncertainties, we have seen individuals regardless race and background, corporates, organisations and NGOs come together to help fellow mankind. On 17th August, SPARK Foundation, a non-profit organisation sponsored 6 grocery packs under the FreeMakan campaign. These packs were delivered by Hafiz, a community partner, to migrant workers staying around Jalan Sentul.