On the 5th of June, at the start of the Stop Hunger! Help Feed 10,000 B40 Families campaign, BAC Education gave out 200 grocery packs to an NGO called Hope Branch Community.

They work with the homeless, migrant workers, refugees, people with disabilities (PWDs), senior citizens and Covid-19 positive patients. The NGO distributed 160 grocery packs, over a period of 2 days, to these disadvantaged communities.

Hope Branch Community deliveries groceries to these locations.


Our volunteers posing for a picture before heading off to deliver groceries.


The Free Makan warehouse


A BAC staff volunteer posing for a picture after distributing a box of goodies.


Hope Branch Communities delivered grocery packs to families in Taman Bertik, Klang


Another B40 recipient at Taman Bertik, Klang


Families at Jalan Kapar also received groceries from Hope Branch Community


A women at Jalan Kapar receiving her grocery pack.


Pictures courtesy of Moo Tik Pin and other community partnersĀ